Urban Ephemeris, Documents of the Impossible, 2008 - 2013

A series of 8 digital images, printed on archival pigment paper, 40"x 50" edition of 3.

The urban landscape shrouded in fog, a blanket of elusive wetness constantly exposing and concealing our view of buildings, people and streets. This loss of orientation within the city is a departure point for these works blurring urban space into an amorphous optical maze.

This phenomena has long preoccupied artists, from Constable, Turner, Friedrich, to Monets' Rouen Cathedral. The urban environment becomes an elusive entity with its edifices obscured, rendered unidentifiable and nebulous. These spaces can harbor deep symbolic resonance, of being in transition, porous, and unstable, confusing our sense of time and space. By inhabiting these spaces on long walks and documenting them in detail I seek to navigate the abstract, to understand space subjectively, experientially, rather than rationally. These works present the viewer with tactile structures enveloped by evanescent phenomena. We experience the metropolis obscured by veils of mist, ephemeral and shifting, such that the concrete is displaced by the temporal, the human-made dwarfed by the phenomenal and the viewer is suddenly disarmed by unfamiliar space.