Walking Research

Walking is an immersive research modality that often informs my practice. Here are sample images that include the use of GPS, GIS, and a variety of other wayfaring apparatuses. My interests are focused in the conceptual outcomes made possible by mapping projects.

"While our sense of mapping seems to be a built-in attribute of the primate brain, it was the freeing of our hands from walking that allowed us to objectify our neurological map, by using sticks to scratch into the ground a common language of signs that didn’t need further articulation. Over the course of time our maps not only became more complex, but also artfully ornate. Now, in an age of GPS locational devices, a globally-connected Internet, and satellites with high-resolution cameras, the definition of what constitutes a map, along with the process of mapping, is changing again."

-  Karen O’Rourke, Walking and Mapping: Artists as Cartographers