Flour Power - Performing Bread, 1998

Tables, bread dough, hand-built ovens. Installation dimensions variable.

During a week-long performance I turned an artists' studio in Amsterdam into a social collective for discussions on bread. Inspired and connected to a narrative text about the rationing of bread in World War II labor camps.

"They remained in the detainment center for a few more days. Each day they were given small rations of bread and a cup of water. Paul allowed his mind to escape into a place of refuge and peace. He comforted himself with thoughts of his family, memories of good times they had shared, life in Phella’s beautiful home, and the hope that maybe he would soon be returning there. In the corner of his eye, Paul perceived movement through a window in the damp stone wall. He turned his head to look through the dusty glass. Just beyond the tall barbed-wire fence, his father stood, his eyes scouring the room through the wire and glass. Noah’s eyes found Paul’s. His hand flew over his head waving to his son, his familiar penetrating eyes filled with longing. He held his hand still for a moment and then let it fall limp to his side. He stood motionless, his gaze fixed on his child." 

- Number 176520, The Story of Paul Argiewicz