Dressed to Kill, 1997

Steel armature, castors, raw cowhide. Dimensions 3'x 9'. From an exhibition titled "Reject" at the KZNSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa.

"Identity is a complex and sometimes ambiguous concept, which can be loosely understood as the set of different meanings that define a person in his/her society (Burke 1980). An attempt to understand identity has resulted in an agreement by scholars of the subject that we possess multiple identities. There are three widely accepted bases of identity – social, role and personal identity. Our overall identities are a blend of the three identities we possess. We play different roles in society – one could be a student, mother, daughter, wife, politician, woman, mentor and many others. The roles we play in society dictate our identities and our identities prescribe our feelings, mannerisms, thoughts and general behaviour. Our identities are inextricably linked to our society; we cannot be understood outside our societies, as Erik Erikson postulated. Personal identities are tied more to individuals than they are to social and role identities."

- Varyanne Sika, Fashion for Feminists: How fashion and dress shape women’s identities